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Maca's Tour


   I'm ready to take you on an exclusive tour around my home as promised, but first, I'd like to tell you how to get to Phurua Vanodhayan.
   If you come from Loei, take the road no. 203 up a mountain until you get to Phurua district. The Chateau de Loei is about 7 kms. from Phurua along the 203 on the left. You can ask at the shop how to go around the orchard.
   If you come from Petchabun, take the road 203 past Lom Kao up a mountain. Once you come down from the mountain, start looking for the milestone of 72 km. Just beyond that, you'll see a sign of Rungyen Resort on the right. Turn right and continue along the small road for about 5.5 kms. until you get to the resort entrance. Turn right into the resort and ask for a guide to guide you around the orchard.


Perhaps you're still tired from your journey. Would you like to take a rest first? At Chateau de Loei and Rungyen Resort, there are many interesting things waiting for you.

Let's start at Chateau de Loei, shall we?

    Here, you may enjoy some refreshments. They've got fresh coffee and a variety of ice cream made from fresh fruits. The variety I'd like to invite you to try is rose ice cream with beautiful colour and fragrance of fresh roses.

        The star attractions here are of course products from us. Which flavor would you prefer for roasted macadamia nuts: natural, B-B-Q flavored, salted or those roasted with Thai herbs? Take your choice. There are also macadamia nut cookies and brownies to try, honey from our flowers and products from our charcoal. (See details in Our Products.)

    Another highlight here is fresh grapes from our vineyard. But you have to hurry since there are only a limited quantity of grapes which are on sale only between November and the beginning of January (unlike our Chateau de Loei wine which is on sale throughout the year.)

    While you're waiting for refreshments, please feel free to let your children play at our playground.

    At Rungyen Resort, there are even more things to do. For example, you can order either refreshments or full meals at our restaurant.

    While you're waiting for the food, feel free to play at our playground or take a walk in our beautiful garden. And don't forget to look for our strange-looking flowers.

    Feeling better and ready for our tour now?
    hurua is hilly. You have to drive uphill and downhill but don't worry. The slope is gentle and quite easy to drive on. A great advantage of being hilly is that it offers many beautiful viewpoints. Some even offer panoramic views.

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