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So many roles of mine

       We, macadamia nuts, are considered by many to be the prime edible nut. Apart from our natural taste, you can try our salted macadamia nuts or if you'd like, the B-B-Q flavored or those roasted with Thai herbs. I'm also a good ingredient for cooking and bakery, in fact, for almost any recipe that calls for nuts, including stuffings, fruit salads, cakes, etc.

      The doctors say regular consumption of 6-20 macadamia nuts every day can help lower LDL, triglycerides and cholesterol levels as well as lower risks on heart diseases. There is a large body of evidence providing that eating us is beneficial for health and well-being. We also have fabulous brain boosting qualities.
       Moreover, our flowers can be turned into wonderful honey and our shells into charcoal which in turn can be used for so many different purposes.์
       Put my charcoal in the fridge, in a closet or in a car and I'll help absorb moisture and bad smells. My charcoal can also help purify the air and absorb harmful electromagnetic wave if placed near electromagnetic appliances such as TVs, computers or microwaves. So you'll enjoy better health and feel less tension from the wave.
       My charcoal can also help purify water, eliminating organic impurity substances, smells and harmful components and pesticide residues. I'm also a desirable ingredient in cosmetics, especially for skincare, because I can absorb oil and dirt as well as reduce wrinkles, all resulting in the skin looking younger. Another popular role of mine is in the field of clothing. I can be knitted as various kinds of clothes and used to make knee supporters, which helps improve blood circulation. If you think I'm boasting, google Associate Professor Dr. Jitladda Sakdapipanich of Mahidol University. She has done a lot of research on the uses of my charcoal and its far infared. Incredible, isn't it, that I've got so many roles? No wonder I'm a superstar!
มะคาเดเมีย, macadamia

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