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Maca's Story

  May we present you our new superstar!
The reasons why I'm the superstar.
        Hello! My full name is Macadamia Nut but everyone here calls me Maca. I live at Phurua Vanodhayan. They say I'm the superstar here because I'm so delicious those who ever tasted me have become my great fans.

        Why? Oh, there are so many reasons such as:

  1. My ancestors belong to world class varieties which are recommended by the Thai Department of Agriculture. My oil content is over 72%.
  2. I'm fresh from the orchard since I'm grown here at Phurua, a district which is perfect for our optimum growth.
  3. My master has her own macadamia processing factory right on the plantation and technically advanced machinery is used. We have also been systematically processed according to the food safety standard of HACCP. So we are definitely quality products.
  4. After roasting, my master uses vacuum-packed bags to help prevent rancidity and stores us in a cool storage room where the temperature is always below 10°C. Together with the fact that we are grown locally and are successively cracked and roasted throughout the year, you can be sure that we're always fresh and retain our best quality.
          See now why I'm worthy of being a first class superstar?
          There are still other reasons why I've got so many great fans. Apart from being so fresh, my master is very fair. You can get money back if you're not satisfied with my quality. Moreover, if you buy us, you're contributing to nature conservation because my family and I are evergreen trees which help reduce global warming. More importantly perhaps, you're helping so many people earn their living by working on our plantation.
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